Make a Light Saber Workshop

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I hosted a ‘Make a Light Saber’ workshop as part of our Holiday Break Fun Day for kids and their families. The entire four-hour event went well, but I couldn’t be happier about the Make a Light Saber workshop!

The basic template I used to host this workshop came from this great Instructable by seamster. The $5 Easy Lightsaber is ta well written and easy to follow (and do) Instructable that I highly recommend.

I did end up making a couple of slight adjustments to the instructions due to the materials I had, and there was a fair amount of prep work I did ahead of time to make it easier for the kids. The slight amount of effort and time I had to put in was more than worth it though.

Make a Light Saber- Supplies
Sharpies, duct tape, $1 flashlights and plastic tubes are all you need to make an awesome glowing light saber!

The biggest change from the Instructable was to not use a paper tube for the handles, but to put the flashlights directly into the plastic tubes. I had to cut a second, small piece of tub to fit over the part of the flashlight that didn’t fit. A different size flashlight would probably have different results, so if you try this on your own, just make sure to check the sizes ahead of time.

Make a Light Saber- In Progress
Working hard on making unique and awesome light sabers!

Our Make a Light Saber workshop was significantly enhanced by the presence of two members of the 501st Legion who dressed up as an Imperial Speeder Scout and a Rebel X-Wing Pilot. These two drove nearly an hour and a half through icy roads to make their appearance at our library. It truly was the icing on the cake!

In addition to our Make a Light Saber workshop, we also had a story time and craft for young children, Minecraft on the computers, board games and our Wii available for open playing. In all, we had over 40 people come in during this special time- a great success!

Vader's Finest 501st Legion
Even Vader’s Finest enjoy making cat crafts from Story Time!

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