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The Library Fox
This isn’t me, but its a fun picture that describes me. Someday my wife will draw me one so I don’t break any copy-write rules.

Welcome to my blog! Please allow me to share a bit about myself with you.

My name is Drew, but I like to go under the alias of The Library Fox. I currently work in two rural libraries in Upstate New York, focusing on Young Adult services, technology and makerspaces.

Oh, and I like foxes. Obviously.

I began working in my hometown library at the ripe age of 13 as an Aide. Now, I serve our patrons around that age. I run a weekly after school program for middle school students, oversee our Minecraft server, supervise our high school workers, and am the go-to guy for anything technological…or heavy…or on a tall shelf.

I also started to recently work a few hours a week at a neighboring library. The temptation of setting up another Minecraft program and getting to play with all of their cool makerspace tech was too great.

In total, I work about 35 hours a week in libraries. The rest of the time I am forecasting the weather (my 7 years of advanced education was in meteorology, not library science!) and making goat milk soap with my wife.

I may just be the only person in the world with a masters degree in meteorology that holds a certification as a soap maker and spends most of my week working in the library. An odd combination, but I couldn’t be happier!

As if that wasn’t enough, I also have two adorable (and active!) toddler boys. I enjoy writing and am ever so slowly working on a J/YA Fantasy (with foxes as the main characters, of course) and would like to someday write some pictures (yep- with foxes).


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